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Image by Brendon van Zyl

  Horses are unfailingly authentic, aligned with Truth, simultaneously individual and integrated with the whole. 

It is their nature to move in union: to mirror, synchronize, connect, and cooperate. 

By their very being, they help us return to our own True Nature. 

In our partnerships with them we have the opportunity to experience this directly.   

Deepening our connection with our horses begins with getting centered in ourselves, mastering our own bodies and minds.  Through yoga and bodywork, we experience alignment and congruency on all levels of our being, and gain direct experience which helps us better understand and communicate with our horses.  Bodywork for our horses supports them in feeling and functioning their best, for overall health and well-being, greater ease in activities, and long-term soundness.  

The well-being of both partners is essential for the partnership to thrive. 

When body, mind, and spirit are in harmony, this inner unity is reflected in our outer relationships, horse and human alike. 

We move into oneness with all of Life.

The services provided here are intended to support you and your horse in experiencing happiness and harmony,

as individuals and in your partnership together.  

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