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 Private One-on-One and Group Sessions

 available by appointment, on line* 

True connection with our equine partners is only possible when we are centered and present in ourselves.  Through direct experience in our own bodies, we better understand our horses and collaborate with them for mutually rewarding partnership.   


   Yoga practice helps us gain awareness and control of our bodies and minds, develop intuition and "feel" for clearer communication with our equine partners.  As we learn to use our bodies consciously, we help our horses to use their bodies with greater comfort and ease.  Both partners benefit and experience greater harmony and congruency together.

*available in person in some areas

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Shoulder Treatment


Experience greater comfort and ease in your body

and be a better partner for your horse.  

Tension and restrictive patterns in our bodies are often at the root of mixed signals and miscommunication with our horses. Whether you enjoy relating with your horse from the ground or in the saddle, when your own body is balanced, aligned, and at ease, you communicate more clearly with your equine partner - in the language that makes sense to them. 

Remote Healing sessions also available.



Help your horse experience greater comfort and ease in his/her body, for overall well-being, improved health, performance, and long-term soundness.  Complement your current work together or support a new path, heal from injury, release restrictive patterns, restore alignment and functional movement patterns.


  As the body influences the mind, greater comfort in body  improves demeanor, reduces stress, and enhances concentration and relaxation.  Support your horse in thriving on all levels.

Remote Healing sessions also available.

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Bryony provides consultations with veterinarians, horse guardians, and trainers for: 

  • identifying imbalances affecting performance and comfort

  •  prevention of avoidable lameness 

  • tracking progress in training or healing

  • creating more functional movement patterns

  • recognizing physical causes behind "behavioural" issues

  • maintenance of soundness   

  • prepurchase evaluation


This service is available remotely, via video & photos. 

In person assessment available in some areas.

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