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Equine Bodywork

Bryony with Horse.jpg

photo credit Caralee Gould

Help your horse experience greater comfort and ease in his/her body, for overall well-being, improved health, better performance, and long-term soundness.  Complement your current work together or support a new path, heal from injury, release restrictive patterns, restore alignment and functional movement patterns.


  As the body influences the mind, greater comfort in body reduces stress and its affects, enhances mental focus, concentration, and relaxation.  Many horse guardians report improvement in their horses attitude, outlook, and demeanor after receiving bodywork and energy work. 

Each session is as individual as the horse, and may include several modalities, depending on what your horse resonates with.  

Depending on the intention of the guardian, sessions may also include video or phone consultation, biomechanical analysis,  recommendations for body/mind well-being, exercises to re-educate movement patterns, or things you can do on your own to support your horse in thriving on all levels.

Note:  Bryony is not currently taking new clients for in-person equine bodywork. 
Appointments are available for Remote Healing sessions for horses. 
Contact Bryony to schedule a Remote session, or to be added to the wait list for in-person bodywork.

For more information on Remote Healing sessions, please click here.

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