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Student Information
Tips to help you get the most from your yoga practice.

If attending the live online class, please log in a few minutes before the start time (Thursdays 9am CT/10am ET). You’ll be entered into the Zoom “waiting room” and admitted promptly at the start of class.  This will give you time to settle in, and will be a big help to me as well.  I am unable to admit participants once class begins.


     ~ Set yourself up in a comfortable area where distractions will be minimized. 


     ~ Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely. 

    ~ Practice is best done on an empty stomach, or at least a few hours after a heavy meal.  If you need to eat before practice to support stable blood sugar levels, something small and light is best (a handful of nuts, piece of fruit, or tea, for example.)


     ~  Empty your bowels and bladder prior to practice. 

     ~ Many of the movements can be modified to be done on the floor, seated, or standing, according to your comfort.  Be flexible in your mind and give yourself permission to get creative with adapting positions to suit your needs.  You are here to honor your body, not to be an "obedient" student.


     ~ A chair, mounting block, firm cushion, or folded blankets can be helpful to modify positions or for seated meditation.  

These classes are intended to encourage an inward focus and self-referral.  While video is provided for clarification of instructions, please honor your own body rather than trying to emulate what you see onscreen.  Respecting your own comfort throughout the practice is of utmost importance.


Approaching our bodies with an attitude of compassion, respect, and cooperation - rather than force and conflict - we develop skills for better relating to our horses in mutually rewarding partnership. By cultivating inner peace and harmony, we bring those qualities into our interactions with others - horse and human alike - and our relationships thrive.


Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or needs I can help you with.  These classes are here to serve YOU!


Wishing you much joy, peace, and presence on your ever-evolving journey of partnership with your horse!


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