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for Prepurchase, Lameness, Assessment of Training Progress, or Maintenance of Well-Being

Bryony provides consultations with veterinarians, horse owners, and trainers for a variety of purposes. 

With over 15 years’ experience as an equine bodyworker, she is skilled at identifying and preventing sources of lameness, such as habituated movement patterns and their causes.  Clients and trainers benefit from these consultations when considering horses for purchase, to help track a horse’s development in a training program, to maintain soundness and prevent avoidable lameness.


This service is available remotely. 


How it works:  After communicating with the client to learn of their reason for wanting their horse assessed, Bryony requests specific photographs and video of the horse relevant to the client's concerns.  Consults may include ongoing communication and requests for further videos or photos taken from different angles or at different gaits, to more closely assess the horse's conformation, posture, and movement.

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