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Biomechanics evaluation for Prepurchase, Lameness, Assessment of Training Progress, or Maintenance of Well-Being

With over 15 years’ experience as an equine bodyworker, Bryony’s keen eye and sensitive feel is valued by veterinarians and horse owners alike.  Veterinarians consult with her on lameness cases, and clients turn to her to evaluate horses they are considering for purchase.  Movement and postural assessment is also valuable to track a horse’s development in a training program, to maintain soundness and to prevent avoidable breakdown and injury.

Video and photo consulting may include ongoing communication and requests for further videos or photos taken from different angles or at different gaits, to more closely assess specific concerns.

In depth evaluation, by video or in person:  $125/hour.  

Trip charge added for in person service.

Targeted evaluation included in all equine bodywork sessions.

Consultation, Equine Movement Assessment: Service
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